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Keputusan Sabah88 Hari Ini | Sabah 4D LIVE

Sabah 88 4D
Tarikh: 6/12/2022 (Tue) Beli
First Prize
Second Prize
Third Prize

Live Transaction
Member Transaksi Jumlah (RM) Tarikh/Masa
l**********ix Deposit ke game: Playtech 35 7 Dec 2022 2:33PM
l**********ix Top Up 35 7 Dec 2022 2:32PM
k*****sg Cuci dari game: MaxBet 532 7 Dec 2022 2:32PM
t****in Cuci dari game: Sexy Bacarrat 665 7 Dec 2022 2:27PM
4*****lk Cuci dari game: CMD368 722 7 Dec 2022 2:22PM
B****90 Deposit ke game: Evolution Gaming 21 7 Dec 2022 2:17PM
j***89 4D Bet 8 7 Dec 2022 2:13PM
L******OL 4D Bet 56 7 Dec 2022 2:08PM
L******OL 4D Bet 58 7 Dec 2022 2:08PM
d***xs 4D Bet 78 7 Dec 2022 2:07PM

Today's Sabah 88 Results and FAQ

Whether or not you live in Sabah, the lottery there is tantalizing.

You might have picked up a ticket along the way, but you might not have way to check out whether or not you've won, especially if you're commuting to another region on that day.

Never fear! You don't have to miss out.

Check Nombor4D, a website that lays out Sabah88 4D result in a quick and easy to read format.

What is Sabah 88?

Sabah 3D, 4D, Lotto, and 4D Jackpot are all created by 88 and are hosted by any Diriwan Corporation Betting Outlet in Sabah.

Similar to other popular Malaysian lotteries, Sabah 4D and similar are divided up into big and small bets.

For example, in 4D, you can choose any numbers ranging from 0000 to 9999 and go for either 23 chances (big bet) or just 3 (small bet). While you can choose your own numbers, Sabah 88 also has a "quick pick" option that randomly generates a number.

When is the lottery drawing?

The draw days for Sabah Lotto, Sabah 3D, Sabah 4D are Sunday, Saturday, and Wednesday.

On the first and last Tuesday of every month, there is a special drawing.

Drawing times happen at 7:00PM, and the last bet of the day is also taken up to this time.

Don’t miss your chance to win big ever again.

With Nombor4D, you can get all the information you need on the winning numbers for all your favourite Malaysian lotteries, Sabah88 included! Registration is simple, and you are signed up, your information is secure.

Are you ready to start raking in those winnings?

You can even connect to Nombor4D on Facebook for more updates!

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